Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Kingdom of God is at hand!

It's just amazing what you can make out of a worn-out tin can – useless, perhaps even rusty and battered, something that needs to be disposed. And now look at these items –made from of a seemingly useless tin can.

If you allow it, God can do the same in your life. Put your life in God’s hands, believe and trust in His son Jesus Christ. He binds up your wounds, He forgives you, He heals you, He restores your dignity and makes you a child of the King.

Next to the Tin Crowns I have just completed some more items that speak about the Kingdom of God being near. These are great witnessing "tools" that will start a conversation about Jesus.

Tin Crown Fridge Magnet.

 Tin Crown Broach.

 Tin Crown Business Card Holder.

For more information and orders please contact 641.740.7391 or send me an email to Thank you. 


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