I LOVE this devotional book because it is not like any other devotional book! It is indeed a special one. Suzanne used her words wisely and approaches her daily topic not from ten different angles :-) short, sharp, to the point .... but anointed! That makes all the difference! When I'm reading it (and I do so right now) I always feel drawn to the heart of Jesus Christ and I feel very uplifted and encouraged for the day! It's short and I can read through it in no time. But then it also encourages me to write down one or two things and ponder about what struck my heart. I can really recommend this book to everybody who wants to try and find a 'different devotional book'!! -Daniela.

Suzanne wonderfully shares God's heart for us each day of the devotional. A person can tell that Suzanne spends a lot of time in God's presence and listens closely for His voice. Then she obediently shares with the rest of us what God has said. This is a one-of-a kind devotional meant for many to read. Pick one up today!  -Lisa.

As I read Suzanne's book, "You Are On Gods Heart Today", I can know and believe just that! After reading her words, which I believe are anointed by The Savior Himself, I feel loved and refreshed by the Word of God and Suzanne's "simple, gentle reflections of God's character" being revealed through the Spirits insight given to her through the beauty of His creation and many other unique ways!! I highly recommend Suzanne's book, it is a jewelry box of small gems that bring glory to God and refreshment to those who read it! God bless You Suzanne!! -Lori.

This devotional is so easy to relate to and speaks to things that we often seem to overlook. It's overlying message seems to be "slow down and smell the spiritual roses." It well help you to appreciate aspects about God and the Christian life that you may have never considered. The author obviously walks close with God and this book will enable you to glean some of this intimate knowledge. Get this book if you want some new insight on walking with the Lord, it will be a blessing. -Shane.

Suzanne Tanner's devotional is insightful and inspiring! I love making it a part of my morning routine. Suzanne has an amazing way of putting our daily life into perspective. I can't wait for the next installment! -Debbie.

I am really enjoying reading through Suzanne's book as the days pass by. Her thoughts are an encouragement and refreshment every day and make me stop and pay attention on simple, little things of life that I take for granted. Every page lifts up the heart, Suzanne makes us benefit from the closeness she has with the Lord. God bless you, Suzanne, and thank you for taking the time and effort to pass on to us what God puts on your heart. -Andrea.

Das Buch ist für mich super, da Suzanne von einem guten, grosszügigen und liebevollen Gott spricht. Es zeigte mir auch auf, das Gott überall und immer dabei ist, und dass man ihm jeder Zeit alle seine Sorgen anvertrauen darf. Danke Suzanne! Danke Gott! -Gabriela.

Suzanne has such a gift to take everyday happenings in her life and find a biblical truth in them. She is truly blessed and a blessing to me when she shares the thoughts. They make me stop and think about what I let pass by in life without really pondering the richness of the event. God's continued blessings on her, Mark and her ministry. - Denise

Suzanne's devotionals are written in a way that the practical, simple, everyday things of life draw your attention to the many ways the Lord speaks to us. Her writings causes one to reflect on the goodness of our Lord, and draws you into a closer relationship to Jesus. -Yvette.

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